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199 грн.

The truffle made according to Spell's signature recipe has become a real sweet star of our assortmen..
Sale -42%

99 грн. 169 грн.

Is it possible to make bird's milk even more delicate? Of course you can. All you need is a little s..

149 грн.

One of Spell's bestsellers with the taste of childhood, only better! The airy and delicate vanilla s..
Sale -38%

99 грн. 159 грн.

One of Spell's bestsellers with the taste of childhood, only better! Light as a cloud, the chocolate..

149 грн.

The absolute bestseller of Spell, which has captured the hearts of even the most demanding sweets lo..
Sale -25%

120 грн. 159 грн.

Sophisticated dark chocolate and light and refined prosecco seem to have been made for each other, a..

399 грн.

You can talk a lot about tenderness, but Spell offers you a taste. Our new eponymous set will say ev..

799 грн.

The Caramel Basket gift is designed to reveal the taste of spring moments. Each of its elements is a..

399 грн.

How to make a compliment original and special? Make it sweet, because the taste of real natural choc..

579 грн.

What could be better than chocolate? We think only a chocolate surprise. This set includes author's ..

599 грн.

The Easter compliment is when papushnyk, chocolate marshmallow eggs and salted caramel combine to cr..

999 грн.

Now, more than ever, we are learning to appreciate, enjoy and create moments that give us special pl..

499 грн.

Here is a set that will reveal all the sweetness of the moment and surprise your taste buds: strawbe..

439 грн.

This romantic set will happily wrap anyone you decide to give it to in its arms. After all, it is a ..

999 грн.

What should sweet birthday greetings taste like? At Spell, we are convinced that this gift set is ma..

1 399 грн.

Looking for the perfect set for a special meeting? Consider that you have already found it. Sweet Re..
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