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We made sure that your sweets arrived in perfect condition. We add cooling elements to each parcel.

For her


465 грн.

In this set, we have collected berry flavors that are ready to envelop your receptors, giving you th..

509 грн.

Tenderness is primarily about actions. It's about deeds, not endless empty words. So, to show your t..

333 грн.

We reveal the secret of the perfect dessert for any celebration: bright design, elegant shape, origi..

549 грн.

Flowers are perhaps the best way to convey the tenderness and lightness of her hands, eyes and breat..

1 499 грн.

Everyone knows the truth: a good date is not complete without a chocolate bar or a box of chocolates..

1 449 грн.

The magic of giving is the smile and joy of loved ones when they taste sweets from the Spell gift bo..

1 199 грн.

A set that feels like a first date. The setting: sunset and hot sand, the feelings: light euphoria a..

1 399 грн.

A trip to your favourite Ukrainian mountains doesn't start with choosing a hotel or packing your bag..

539 грн.

Here is a set that will reveal all the sweetness of the moment and surprise your taste buds: strawbe..

1 299 грн.

Sweets with berry filling in a spring gift set. To make any day brighter, just add strawberries.The ..

629 грн.

Love warms even in the darkest of times. How nice that you can show your warmth in a gift. This set ..

639 грн.

For those who live on the wave of the era and know that the best way to express an opinion is to mak..

1 799 грн.

You could wait for a meetup on a dating site, have a long correspondence to make it more romantic. Y..

509 грн.

A berry and delicate set of sweets that will bring back memories of warm and sunny summer days. Try ..

1 499 грн.

You run somewhere even on your day off. You have a lot of things to do: I haven't seen Kyiv for a lo..

219 грн.

For those who see magic where others look for a logical explanation.   Fruit fillings in c..
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