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Sale -48%

99 грн. 190 грн.

Is it possible to make bird's milk even more delicate? Of course you can. All you need is a little s..
Sale -30%

119 грн. 170 грн.

A special occasion calls for special flavors! A perfect party requires a good company, and a new set..
Sale -39%

120 грн. 194 грн.

Sophisticated dark chocolate and light and refined prosecco seem to have been made for each other, a..
Sale -41%

91 грн. 152 грн.

Some people are used to eating it straight from the package, while others roast it over a fire like ..
Sale -36%

195 грн. 302 грн.

A real sweet masterpiece created by the hands of our professional chocolatiers: 12 months of the yea..
Sale -46%

99 грн. 183 грн.

One of Spell's bestsellers with the taste of childhood, only better! Light as a cloud, the chocolate..
Sale -30%

127 грн. 179 грн.

Jam for breakfast with thin pancakes or with fluffy cheesecakes, or perhaps with hot toast so that t..
Sale -46%

120 грн. 222 грн.

Spell chocolatiers know how to combine ingredients so that ordinary dark chocolate will surprise the..
Sale -19%

349 грн. 429 грн.

Milk chocolate with assorted nuts, 90 g Dark chocolate with Prosecco, 100 g GOLD Chocolate & P..
Sale -17%

349 грн. 420 грн.

Chocolate bar with salted caramel and hazelnut cookies, 120 gDark chocolate bar with Prosecco, 100 g..
Sale -34%

127 грн. 190 грн.

Sale -52%

180 грн. 372 грн.

Truffle delight in elegant packaging - everything is perfect here! A set of sweets that combines tw..
Sale -24%

129 грн. 169 грн.

whole MILK condensed with sugar (27%) (normalized pasteurized cow's MILK, sugar, LACTOSA), sugar, gl..
Sale -31%

95 грн. 137 грн.

We know the name of the actual winner of all caramel flavours: a timeless classic in the original ve..

169 грн.

2+1 promotion: how about a bright trio of unique flavours for the price of two? Try a sweet novelty ..
Sale -34%

105 грн. 158 грн.

By choosing the courage to be ourselves, we managed to create a truly original taste that has no ana..
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