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333 грн.

We reveal the secret of the perfect dessert for any celebration: bright design, elegant shape, origi..

169 грн.

With each candy we give a piece of our heart. This set is a delicious confession! Interesting combin..

219 грн.

For those who will turn a walk in the park into a quest - just ask.    If life were a..

259 грн.

The truffle made according to Spell's signature recipe has become a real sweet star of our assortmen..

259 грн.

This assortment will successfully emphasize any romantic gift, because the combination of its flavor..

259 грн.

It is easy to emphasize tenderness when Spell is around. After all, this assortment combines lightne..

239 грн.

A mysterious harmony of sweets and salt, a gentle tango in every bite - this is what our unique deli..

189 грн.

A special occasion calls for special flavors! A perfect party requires a good company, and a new set..

169 грн.

2+1 promotion: how about a bright trio of unique flavours for the price of two? Try a sweet novelty ..

399 грн.

Truffle delight in elegant packaging - everything is perfect here! A set of sweets that combines tw..

999 грн.

Whether you're a freelancer or an office kid, whether you work with your head or your hands, an afte..

699 грн.

There is comfort and favourite lullabies. Breakfasts smell like home and sound like Ukrainian songs...

699 грн.

Where for coffee? To the new coffee shop on Zolotye or to Aunt Clara's terrace, where only the shado..

169 грн.

When creating the Victory chocolate set, we pictured this anticipated event. We managed to embody th..

219 грн.

If you are looking for sweets that are really nice to receive as a gift, then order sweets from the ..

639 грн.

For those who find entertainment without leaving home. The case when you want to throw a little..
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