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Chocolate Bars

Sale -39%

120 грн. 194 грн.

Sophisticated dark chocolate and light and refined prosecco seem to have been made for each other, a..
Sale -34%

127 грн. 190 грн.

Sale -46%

120 грн. 222 грн.

Spell chocolatiers know how to combine ingredients so that ordinary dark chocolate will surprise the..
Sale -19%

349 грн. 429 грн.

Milk chocolate with assorted nuts, 90 g Dark chocolate with Prosecco, 100 g GOLD Chocolate & P..

194 грн.

They say that memories are sometimes imprinted in certain flavors. Having tasted this chocolate bar,..

137 грн.

White chocolate is intuitively associated with tenderness, lightness, and a certain sophistication. ..
Sale -31%

128 грн. 185 грн.

Sale -17%

345 грн. 415 грн.

Milk chocolate bar with cherry marzipan, 95 g Milk chocolate with assorted nuts, 90 g White chocol..

179 грн.

Just imagine: a bar of chocolate with marzipan and cherries, you and your loved one next to each oth..
Sale -17%

349 грн. 420 грн.

Chocolate bar with salted caramel and hazelnut cookies, 120 gDark chocolate bar with Prosecco, 100 g..
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