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158 грн.

The absolute bestseller of Spell, which has captured the hearts of even the most demanding sweets lo..

399 грн.

Rivani Prosecco is a dry white sparkling wine from Italy, produced from the Prosecco grape variety, ..

119 грн.

These incredible olives are marinated in natural brine with a little vinegar and olive oil in barrel..

400 грн.

Box size 35*25*15 cm The color is black The price includes decorative paper and ribbon...

419 грн.

For those who can be found on the beach...and only on the beach.   Sometimes you want to b..

229 грн.

Meet Spell's absolute bestseller - caramel sweets made according to our original recipe from quality..

179 грн.

Is it possible to make caramel even more delicate? Of course it is. We have managed to create a trul..

199 грн.

Arnaud's Duck Terrine with Figs is a meat delicacy that combines the delicate creamy taste of duck p..

194 грн.

They say that memories are sometimes imprinted in certain flavors. Having tasted this chocolate bar,..

80 грн.

Box size 23,5*21,5*8,8 cm The color is white with a print The price includes decorative paper...

135 грн.

Artichokes with a stem fried in oil produced by Piacelli until a tender golden crust is a traditiona..
Sale -48%

99 грн. 190 грн.

Is it possible to make bird's milk even more delicate? Of course you can. All you need is a little s..

179 грн.

Meet the new packaging format for the most extravagant caramel! We are proud that we have managed to..
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