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Ukrainian Collection


549 грн.

The Spell assortment includes gift sets for any occasion: to make a pleasant compliment, to please y..

499 грн.

A set with original Ukrainian flavors. Ripe cherries that grow near every Ukrainian hut and juicy po..

159 грн.

They say that memories are sometimes imprinted in certain flavors. Having tasted this chocolate bar,..

149 грн.

With each candy we give a piece of our heart. This set is a delicious confession! Interesting combin..

199 грн.

If you are looking for sweets that are really nice to receive as a gift, then order sweets from the ..

599 грн.

Do you remember how nice it was to spend your summer vacation in the village at your grandmother's h..

169 грн.

Oatmeal is healthy for breakfast, and it's delicious with strawberry jam! You can also create your..

229 грн.

What's inside: soy wax Weight 300 g..

1 199 грн.

Spell sweets from the Ukrainian collection are an indispensable thing when guests unexpectedly drop ..

149 грн.

When creating the Victory chocolate set, we pictured this anticipated event. We managed to embody th..

169 грн.

Jam for breakfast with thin pancakes or with fluffy cheesecakes, or perhaps with hot toast so that t..

179 грн.

The Ukrainian Collection Set includes handmade original sweets with dark and milk chocolate. A slice..

1 599 грн.

When you don't want to choose between sweet and salty flavors, but want to combine and enjoy them, o..

1 799 грн.

Ukrainian hospitality is more than just greeting guests with a cup of aromatic coffee or tea. It is ..
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