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Ukrainian Collection

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99 грн. 109 грн.


759 грн.

Giving something to our loved ones, first of all, we strive to fill them with sincere emotions and p..
Sale -17%

99 грн. 119 грн.

With each candy we give a piece of our heart. This set is a delicious confession! Interesting combin..
Sale -32%

89 грн. 129 грн.

These truffle sweets are reminiscent of a coveted and vivid Ukrainian dream thanks to their distinct..

229 грн.

What's inside: soy wax Weight 300 g..

149 грн.

When creating the Victory chocolate set, we pictured this anticipated event. We managed to embody th..

559 грн.

We are sharing a recipe for a cozy evening according to Spell: close people around, warm atmosphere,..
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