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We made sure that your sweets arrived in perfect condition. We add cooling elements to each parcel.

For the team


1 189 грн.

We have been one of the leaders in creating corporate gifts for many years thanks to our concierge s..

699 грн.

Fantasies can be different, but it is your chocolate fantasies that we are able to realize! The se..

1 739 грн.

A special occasion calls for exquisite flavors! To create a festive atmosphere, Spell has combined d..

2 099 грн.

What happens when you combine craft candies with salted caramel, delicate cheese that can be generou..

1 099 грн.

What should sweet birthday greetings taste like? At Spell, we are convinced that this gift set is ma..

1 859 грн.

Why not throw yourself a sweet holiday? Just for such an occasion, we have collected two types of ca..

2 599 грн.

Important news: Lara Croft has robbed another tomb where a secret set of Spell sweets was hidden. Th..

2 299 грн.

The variety of flavors in this set will satisfy even the most demanding gourmet. It includes: sparkl..

1 749 грн.

When you don't want to choose between sweet and salty flavors, but want to combine and enjoy them, o..

1 499 грн.

You have a ticket to the Chocolate Factory, which you dreamed of as a child, in your hands. Spell's ..

3 279 грн.

Good rest and new experiences are the best stimulus for inspiration. This set is designed to reveal ..

1 999 грн.

Sit comfortably on the sofa as if it were the one from Central Perk, make a coffee and listen to a n..

979 грн.

Creating an atmosphere in the workplace is easier than it seems. All you need is a box of our signat..

1 399 грн.

Spell is best suited for the holiday. And this set is one hundred percent confirmation of this. It i..

1 149 грн.

Eight amazing bars of chocolate: with crunchy nuts and cookies, playful prosecco, energizing orange,..

1 999 грн.

An auxiliary set from Spell. When you feel like crying over your personal diary and remembering craz..
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