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Sets from 1500 UAH


1 399 грн.

Arrange an evening gathering with friends or family with board games, movies, and a cheese set from ..

2 699 грн.

We reveal the secrets of creating a holiday mood on your birthday! Choose a gift that includes: te..

1 799 грн.

Ukrainian hospitality is more than just greeting guests with a cup of aromatic coffee or tea. It is ..

1 599 грн.

When you don't want to choose between sweet and salty flavors, but want to combine and enjoy them, o..

1 699 грн.

A special occasion calls for exquisite flavors! To create a festive atmosphere, Spell has combined d..

1 999 грн.

What happens when you combine craft candies with salted caramel, delicate cheese that can be generou..

4 999 грн.

An exquisite set for an equally exquisite gift. If you want to please someone special, with a strong..

5 599 грн.

A delicate gift set that will definitely not leave anyone indifferent is right in front of your eyes..

2 199 грн.

The variety of flavors in this set will satisfy even the most demanding gourmet. It includes: sparkl..

2 999 грн.

Good rest and new experiences are the best stimulus for inspiration. This set is designed to reveal ..

1 699 грн.

With this set, Spell has taken care of those who are always on the go and don't have time to prepare..
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