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We made sure that your sweets arrived in perfect condition. We add cooling elements to each parcel.



465 грн.

In this set, we have collected berry flavors that are ready to envelop your receptors, giving you th..

449 грн.

How to make a compliment original and special? Make it sweet, because the taste of real natural choc..

679 грн.

What could be better than chocolate? We think only a chocolate surprise. This set includes author's ..

1 499 грн.

Looking for the perfect set for a special meeting? Consider that you have already found it. Sweet Re..

639 грн.

The Spell assortment includes gift sets for any occasion: to make a pleasant compliment, to please y..

555 грн.

A set with original Ukrainian flavors. Ripe cherries that grow near every Ukrainian hut and juicy po..

509 грн.

Tenderness is primarily about actions. It's about deeds, not endless empty words. So, to show your t..

1 095 грн.

Now, more than ever, we are learning to appreciate, enjoy and create moments that give us special pl..

629 грн.

What is tenderness? If you are still searching for an answer to this question, we think this set can..

1 599 грн.

A set that can become a complete gift. It includes: sparkling wine, a chocolate bar with salted cara..

659 грн.

Do you want to surprise a loved one and cheer them up, or don't know what to give a colleague or fri..

639 грн.

For those who are like Sherlock and Watson, but have nothing to investigate - the perfect symbiosis...

599 грн.

Coffee and sweets with salted caramel, like a meeting of two old friends in a 4-Minute coffee shop. ..

799 грн.

Fragrant salted caramel, exquisite nuts bars and the author's assortment of bright truffles with dif..

509 грн.

Everyone knows the truth - it's better to start the morning with Spell. That is why we have prepared..

5 999 грн.

A delicate gift set that will definitely not leave anyone indifferent is right in front of your eyes..
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