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We made sure that your sweets arrived in perfect condition. We add cooling elements to each parcel.

For him


755 грн.

At Spell, we believe that food is one of the best gifts. Especially when you like to experiment. Tre..

2 889 грн.

We reveal the secrets of creating a holiday mood on your birthday! Choose a gift that includes: te..

1 999 грн.

Ukrainian hospitality is more than just greeting guests with a cup of aromatic coffee or tea. It is ..

5 389 грн.

An exquisite set for an equally exquisite gift. If you want to please someone special, with a strong..

1 119 грн.

Make the birthdays of your loved ones delicious and give them emotions with the Happy Birthday set f..

2 009 грн.

Are you looking for a gift for a connoisseur of gastronomic experiments? And do you want it to be a ..

3 279 грн.

Good rest and new experiences are the best stimulus for inspiration. This set is designed to reveal ..

599 грн.

What could be better than chocolate? We think only a chocolate surprise. This set includes author's ..

819 грн.

A great breakfast is when it's tasty and fast. When you don't need to fuss in the kitchen for a long..

1 749 грн.

If you were told that you could choose only one set of products for the rest of your life, what woul..

1 749 грн.

When you don't want to choose between sweet and salty flavors, but want to combine and enjoy them, o..

699 грн.

Fantasies can be different, but it is your chocolate fantasies that we are able to realize! The se..

699 грн.

Where for coffee? To the new coffee shop on Zolotye or to Aunt Clara's terrace, where only the shado..

1 479 грн.

Arrange an evening gathering with friends or family with board games, movies, and a cheese set from ..

1 399 грн.

Spell is best suited for the holiday. And this set is one hundred percent confirmation of this. It i..
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