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We made sure that your sweets arrived in perfect condition. We add cooling elements to each parcel.

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199 грн.

Duck fillet is a good way to dilute standard aperitif snacks. It can also be added to salads and any..

397 грн.

Talisman Blended Scotch Whisky is a high quality Scotch whisky aged in American oak casks. The dr..

400 грн.

Tea tasting set: try several varieties of different teas and choose your favourite flavours. The set..

425 грн.

For those who are like that coworker who will turn an everyday lunch into a feast on the balcony.&nb..

155 грн.

DZIUGAS hard cheese is ripened for 12 months to develop an intense creamy flavour and buttery textur..

169 грн.

The bright appearance of each sweets in this box case is a real embodiment of the holiday! Handmade ..

219 грн.

For those who will turn a walk in the park into a quest - just ask.    If life were a..

455 грн.

Artichoke slices in Extra Virgin Olive Oil have a rich and multifaceted flavor. Artichokes are tend..

345 грн.

Canned caper fruits are an ideal addition to salads, meat or fish dishes and snacks. The taste of..

787 грн.

Premium rum Plantation Original Dark from the Caribbean. This is a blend of dark rums that combines ..

433 грн.

Kaiken Malbec is a dry red wine with an aroma of black berries (black currant, black cherry juice, p..

270 грн.

Les Bocades confit combines the rich flavour of chicken liver with the aroma of Armagnac, a French b..

477 грн.

White dry wine Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough Sun is a must-have for any meeting, dinner or unexpected ..

249 грн.

Terrine is a type of meat paste, usually made from ground meat that is mixed with various ingredient..

314 грн.

Cesari Pinot Grigio delle Venezie is an Italian dry white wine with an aroma of flowers and white fr..

366 грн.

Tuna with Urbani truffle in olive oil by Callipo is a balanced mix of tuna with an intense truffle f..
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