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299 грн. 359 грн.

Milk chocolate bar with cherry marzipan, 95 g Milk chocolate with assorted nuts, 90 g White chocol..

999 грн.

Eight amazing bars of chocolate: with crunchy nuts and cookies, playful prosecco, energizing orange,..

499 грн.

What could be better than chocolate? We think only a chocolate surprise. This set includes author's ..

1 999 грн.

What happens when you combine craft candies with salted caramel, delicate cheese that can be generou..

469 грн.

Everyone finds inspiration in their own way, and we are convinced that flavors can give not only ple..

449 грн.

Tenderness is primarily about actions. It's about deeds, not endless empty words. So, to show your t..

299 грн.

We reveal the secret of the perfect dessert for any celebration: bright design, elegant shape, origi..

199 грн.

A real sweet masterpiece created by the hands of our professional chocolatiers: 12 months of the yea..

799 грн.

Fragrant salted caramel, exquisite nuts bars and the author's assortment of bright truffles with dif..

999 грн.

We have been one of the leaders in creating corporate gifts for many years thanks to our concierge s..

159 грн.

One of Spell's bestsellers with the taste of childhood, only better! Light as a cloud, the chocolate..
Sale -21%

119 грн. 149 грн.

A special occasion calls for special flavors! A perfect party requires a good company, and a new set..

169 грн.

Meet the new packaging format for the most extravagant caramel! We are proud that we have managed to..
Sale -16%

126 грн. 149 грн.

By choosing the courage to be ourselves, we managed to create a truly original taste that has no ana..

149 грн.

Is it possible to make caramel even more delicate? Of course it is. We have managed to create a trul..

199 грн.

First, we mixed dark and milk chocolate and made a rich ganache. Then we added truffle and dor blue ..
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