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We made sure that your sweets arrived in perfect condition. We add cooling elements to each parcel.

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135 грн.

Artichokes with a stem fried in oil produced by Piacelli until a tender golden crust is a traditiona..

149 грн.

The emotions from the taste of caramelised nuts are like the first minutes before a concert of your ..

169 грн.

One of Spell's bestsellers with the taste of childhood, only better! The airy and delicate vanilla s..

169 грн.

2+1 promotion: how about a bright trio of unique flavours for the price of two? Try a sweet novelty ..

179 грн.

Meet the new packaging format for the most extravagant caramel! We are proud that we have managed to..

169 грн.

It seems that we have managed to create the perfect alternative to classic nut pastes that will defi..
Sale -16%

62 грн. 73 грн.

You can spend hours observing water, fire and the hypnotically delicate caramel texture pouring over..

179 грн.

Jam for breakfast with thin pancakes or with fluffy cheesecakes, or perhaps with hot toast so that t..

179 грн.

A new packaging format for your favourite caramel! The combination of dark Belgian chocolate and cre..
Sale -36%

128 грн. 199 грн.


1 149 грн.

Eight amazing bars of chocolate: with crunchy nuts and cookies, playful prosecco, energizing orange,..

599 грн.

What could be better than chocolate? We think only a chocolate surprise. This set includes author's ..

1 999 грн.

Sit comfortably on the sofa as if it were the one from Central Perk, make a coffee and listen to a n..

539 грн.

Here is a set that will reveal all the sweetness of the moment and surprise your taste buds: strawbe..

469 грн.

Everyone finds inspiration in their own way, and we are convinced that flavors can give not only ple..
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