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149 грн.

The truffle made according to Spell's signature recipe has become a real sweet star of our assortmen..
Sale -16%

101 грн. 119 грн.

You can spend hours observing water, fire and the hypnotically delicate caramel texture pouring over..

449 грн.

In this set, we have collected berry flavors that are ready to envelop your receptors, giving you th..

489 грн.

What could be better than morning tea with salted caramel? In this set, we have combined rich black ..

999 грн.

You can create a holiday of romance every day, especially when you are overwhelmed with tenderness. ..
Sale -17%

299 грн. 359 грн.

Chocolate bar with salted caramel and hazelnut cookies, 120 gDark chocolate bar with Prosecco, 100 g..

1 499 грн.

Are you looking for the perfect set that would make a complete gift? We think we have solved this pr..

499 грн.

The tenderness of flowers and the sweetness of dreams: meet a gift that impresses with its flavor co..

4 999 грн.

An exquisite set for an equally exquisite gift. If you want to please someone special, with a strong..

2 699 грн.

We reveal the secrets of creating a holiday mood on your birthday! Choose a gift that includes: te..

599 грн.

Do you want to surprise a loved one and cheer them up, or don't know what to give a colleague or fri..

149 грн.

Spell's original marzipan! Three flavours of your favourite dessert made according to our own recipe..

149 грн.

Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite sweets specially created for the most romantic holiday of..
Sale -16%

101 грн. 119 грн.

When you combine Belgian chocolate with our exclusive caramel, you get the perfect caramel paste wit..

199 грн.

This assortment will successfully emphasize any romantic gift, because the combination of its flavor..

99 грн.

Is it possible to make caramel even more delicate? Of course it is. We have managed to create a trul..
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