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199 грн.

Spell chocolatiers know how to combine ingredients so that ordinary dark chocolate will surprise the..

599 грн.

With Spell gifts, it's easy to compliment and enjoy time spent with loved ones. Try the truffle asso..

1 699 грн.

A special occasion calls for exquisite flavors! To create a festive atmosphere, Spell has combined d..

499 грн.

Create a moment for yourself from the beginning of the day, because morning rituals can be made more..

1 299 грн.

Sweets with berry filling in a spring gift set. To make any day brighter, just add strawberries. ..

259 грн.

The absolute bestseller of Spell, which has captured the hearts of even the most demanding sweets lo..

149 грн.

When creating the Victory chocolate set, we pictured this anticipated event. We managed to embody th..

229 грн.

A candle made of soy wax..

2 999 грн.

Good rest and new experiences are the best stimulus for inspiration. This set is designed to reveal ..

229 грн.

Ingredients: soy wax. Weight: 300 g..

499 грн.

The perfect harmony between bright design and original taste! Handmade sweets by Spell masters are g..

29 грн.

The very rare moment when two different but equally rich flavors are combined: sweet caramel and sal..

2 199 грн.

The variety of flavors in this set will satisfy even the most demanding gourmet. It includes: sparkl..
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