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70 грн.

Package dimensions: 29*23*12 cm. The price includes decorative paper...

2 199 грн.

The variety of flavors in this set will satisfy even the most demanding gourmet. It includes: sparkl..

399 грн.

If you are still hesitating on how to make a successful compliment, then your set has already found ..

599 грн.

Create a holiday atmosphere with sweet gifts from Spell! The set includes a set of sweets with salt..

899 грн.

A gift that will make the holiday special. A real Easter miracle is in every detail: a papushnyk, tw..

599 грн.

Love warms even in the darkest of times. How nice that you can show your warmth in a gift. This set ..

155 грн.

DZIUGAS hard cheese is ripened for 12 months to develop an intense creamy flavour and buttery textur..

149 грн.

The bright appearance of each sweets in this box case is a real embodiment of the holiday! Handmade ..

429 грн.

The paste combines the delicacy of a creamy texture with the delicate taste and aroma of white truff..

1 999 грн.

Are you looking for a gift for a connoisseur of gastronomic experiments? And do you want it to be a ..

455 грн.

Artichoke slices in Extra Virgin Olive Oil have a rich and multifaceted flavor. Artichokes are tend..

345 грн.

Canned caper fruits are an ideal addition to salads, meat or fish dishes and snacks. The taste of..

1 999 грн.

An Easter basket for the whole family. This time, Spell has created a voluminous festive basket for ..

1 499 грн.

If you were looking for a complete gift, then you've come to the right place. The "Flower Glass" set..

1 699 грн.

With this set, Spell has taken care of those who are always on the go and don't have time to prepare..

699 грн.

Pack the spring atmosphere into a gift box from Spell and present it to your loved ones or friends. ..
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