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85 грн.

Milk chocolate with sticky salted caramel. We bet you have something that no one else has. Keep this..

399 грн.

Each of us deserves to create moments of joy and pleasure for ourselves in the midst of all the dail..

399 грн.

It seems that Spell has managed to invent its own language of sweets, which unites us in the boundle..

99 грн.

Dark chocolate with a bright orange flavour. The classics have never failed to impress: there are ti..

229 грн.

A candle made of soy wax with a wooden wick..

229 грн.

What's inside: soy wax Weight 300 g..

135 грн.

Artichokes with a stem fried in oil produced by Piacelli until a tender golden crust is a traditiona..

120 грн.

Box size 29,5*33,6*9 cm The color is black The price includes decorative paper...

119 грн.

Frank with basil - natural chicken liver pate, with butter and cream, with fresh basil, no preservat..

109 грн.

Dark chocolate without sugar and remorse. Do you know what absolute pleasure is? You are holding it..

1 000 грн.


85 грн.

Dark chocolate with rich chocolate caramel. Do you remember the expression: "The braves always have ..

129 грн.

This is not just a bar of chocolate - it is a combination of tenderness and care. Each piece is a re..

2 000 грн.

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