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Sets up to 399 UAH


379 грн.

How to make a compliment original and special? Make it sweet, because the taste of real natural choc..
Sale -17%

299 грн. 359 грн.

Everyone finds inspiration in their own way, and we are convinced that flavours can give not only pl..
Sale -57%

99 грн. 229 грн.

Treat your little chocolatiers to a bright New Year's gift! Do you remember the film Charlie and the..
Sale -5%

342 грн. 359 грн.

You don't have to worry about the sweet part of the Christmas table and the joyful atmosphere, becau..
Sale -5%

380 грн. 399 грн.

Immerse yourself in festive pleasure in the glow of Christmas flavors with Spell! Just imagine vanil..
Sale -5%

351 грн. 369 грн.

New Year's wishes with a sweet flavor and chocolate feelings! Bright Belgian milk chocolate bars in ..

399 грн.

What do you like more: giving or receiving gifts? At Spell, we love to help you make unusual surpris..

399 грн.

In this gift, Spell has gathered everything you need for a perfect start to the day: fragrant vanill..

399 грн.

Nothing warms the heart like the most sincere congratulations from the closest people, but sometimes..

299 грн.

Chocolate Raspberry chocolate with pistachio paste, 100 gBouquet of dried flowersGift wrapping inclu..

369 грн.

Wine "Pink square", 0.75 l- 1 pcA set of chocolate candies "Cherry-Countro", TM SPELL, 56 g - 1 pc..
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