Truffle Cone

This mix of traditional truffles offers flavors that will blow your mind.

  • Raspberry truffle: 3 pcs
  • Caramel truffle: 3 pcs
  • Vienna truffle: 3 pcs
Price 139 грн
2 reviews
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Rum and Apricot: classic Viennese flavor - apricot puree and spicy Austrian rum. Delicate and silky texture due to the combination of two types of chocolate - dark and milk

Raspberry and Balsamic: a harmonious combination of Belgian chocolate and natural freeze-dried and 100% pureed raspberries, which preserves the natural taste of natural raspberries thanks to an innovative drying technology at 80°C

Salted Caramel: rich taste of chocolate truffle with the addition of salted caramel in the filling and bright caramel chocolate on the outside

Net weight: 100 g
Box size: 170x120x80 mm
Product shelf life: 3 months

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